The Award Winning Eyelash Extensions Boutique in NYC

Stop wasting your time and applying fake lashes day-in and day-out. Visit LeFace Boutique, conveniently located in New York City, and achieve the full voluptuous look you’ve always craved. Our premium eyelash extensions allow you to create a low maintenance, semi-permanent look that is sure to turn heads.

Our professional artists customize your look in a comfortable and luxurious environment. We individually attach each extension about 1mm away from your skin so that the process is no more damaging than wearing mascara.We begin with a consultation so that you can meet your technician and talk about finding your perfect look. We offer a multitude of services to fit everyone’s needs. You and your technician will go over all of your expectations, fears, and lifestyle in order to determine which dset is best for you. Whether you’re a businesswoman, athlete, college student, or full time mom, our technicians want you to walk out of our salon with the most gorgeous lashes of your life.

A full set of eyelash extensions is when extensions are applied on directly to one natural hair at a time, from corner to corner, on each eye. Usually this takes about 2 hours, but varies depending on the service you decide to get.

A half set simply means that half as many lashes are applied, but they are still applied corner to corner on each eye. This is still a great look, but is not as thick or full as a full set. A half set usually takes about 1 hour depending on the service.

All of our lashes are pre-curled and come in different lengths and thicknesses. All of them are customized to each of our client’s natural eye shape. We make sure that you are relaxed throughout the procedure and that the end-result looks perfect.

We Can Apply Any Lash Extension Style

The first step before applying your eyelash extensions is figuring out the style that you would like. Our professional staff will help you select something that will match your eye and face shape. The most common application style is natural. This is because it is less dramatic and can still give you a subtle yet sophisticated look.


A drawing of an example of what natural eyelash extensions look like.

Natural eyelash extensions are the most popular and are best for daily wear. Each lash will be placed along your natural eye shape. This will give you a look as if your own eyelashes were long. They are especially great if you are a regular gym-goer and don’t like to have a lot of make up on. Natural extensions are ideal for a stunning look that will last without the need of applying any mascara.

Cat Eye

A drawing of feline style lash extensions.

The cat eye style is something you will see on the likes of Taylor Swift. With this style, it starts off with the longest lash towards the outside edge of the eye and it shortens as it gets closer to the inner portion of the eye. If your real lashes tend to be longer on the outside, this style will work perfect for you. If you’re looking for an exotic look, then the feline style will be your best bet!

Doll Eye

A drawing of how doll eyelash extensions look like.

The opposite of cat eye, the longest lashes are put towards the middle of the eye. This style can fit many eye shapes and is one of the most popular after the natural look. They are incredibly versatile and can give you the appearance as if you have bigger eyes.

Open Eye

A drawing of what open eye styled extensions would look like.Open eye or “staggered style” lashes were made popular by the Kardashians. This is when both long and short lashes are alternated throughout the eye to give a messy or “staggered” look. While this look will give a more exaggerated look, it is often done with strip lashes rather than extensions.

We Offer All Types of Lash Extensions

There are many types of extensions available in the industry. We pride on offering the highest quality of lash extensions as well as cost effective solutions.


The highest quality extensions are made from mink hair and they offer the best natural look out of all the types out there. They are light and feel like natural hair, which is something you will not experience from other types. Mink lashes are made from mink tail, and they use Siberian or Chinese mink. Real mink lashes also last the longest; however, they are also the most expensive. The average price usually runs up to $500.00.


Silk lashes are usually considered to be the bottom tier. They are the least expensive but also the least comfortable even though they are light weight. Silk lashes are thicker than the other ones available, which give a natural look as well. Consider silk lashes only if you need them during a special event and then have them removed afterwards.

Faux Mink

The most popular extensions that you will find at most salons are the faux mink eyelash extensions. They’re designed to match the same feeling as the mink lashes but they are man-made. If the mink lashes are out of your budget, then we recommend going with faux-mink to give you a customized look that is comparable to the mink lashes.

What Should I Do Before My Appointment?

A photo of a client after applying eyelash extensions in our boutique in New York

Before your appointment you will want to make sure that your eyes are prepped. While this process is no more harmful than wearing mascara, check with your doctor for adhesive allergies before you come.

  • Make sure to remove all of your eye makeup.
  • Do not apply any mascara or other eye makeup. The removal will take extra time.
  • Avoid curling your eyelashes.
  • If you wear contacts, you may keep them in as they merely create a barrier and are not harmful to keep in. If you are not sure of if you have an adhesive allergy then remove them so we can better judge your comfort during the service.
  • Do not drink caffeine as this can cause you to have rapid eye movement.
  • Do not expect to be chewing gum during the service. Chewing causes your orbital eye muscles to be disturbed and its not just not safe to chew gum laying on your back.
  • We have relaxing music for you to listen too but your welcome to bring your own or even an audible book.
  • You must keep your eyes closed during the service. Your technician can help you answer your phone or read your messages to you while keeping the eyes closed.
  • Make sure you set aside enough time for your appointment. You never want to rush your technician because perfection takes time!

How Do I Maintain My Look?

After you’re done getting your extensions, you want to make sure to maintain them. The better you follow these guidelines, the longer they will maintain their freshness and volume.

  • Do not avoid getting your lashes wet daily! Washing your eyes keeps the oil production and debre from building up on the base of your eyelash. (wash your face to avoid eye mites)
  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser using your smooth fingertips to massage and remove excess eye makeup.
  • Never use Q-Tips or Cotton wipes! cotton will become stuck in your extensions or even snag out natural ones.
  • For normal services with our OIL RESISTANT ADHESIVE you may use facial oils and creams. If the extensions feel dry you may use natural  oil to lubricate them.
  • Only avoid oil for the Hypo-Allergenic Adhesive.  This will break the sensitive bond.
  • Avoid curling, using and tint or perm on the extensions.
  • NON “extension safe” mascara is a no-no. We offer a safe selection of mascaras and eye makeup.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or picking at any loose hair. Maintaining your look with a refill will allow us to remove any that may snag.

If you’d like to have your extensions removed, please do not try to remove them yourself. Either let them fall out or book an appointment to have them professionally removed. If you attempt to remove them yourself, your real ones will come off with them!