Eyebrow microblading is an up and coming industry in NYC that is going to change the way people feel and boost their self esteem. With the confidence of beautiful eyebrows without any effort in the morning, getting ready becomes a breeze. People can leave their homes without scrambling around putting on their eyebrows for ten minutes. Book an appointment with us today and enhance your natural beauty with this noninvasive cosmetic procedure. If you aren’t sure if it’s the look for you, take a scroll through our before and after photos and see if microblading  is all you’ve been needing all along. Give us a call today or visit our New York City location to schedule your consultation and enhance your eyebrows with one of our microblading specialists.

What is Microblading?

Microblading, which is also referred to various types of names including feather touch, micro-stroking, and embroidery, is a technique that can be used to apply permanent makeup. It is often used to provide a temporary and full camouflage to a missing eyebrow hair with a real hair appearance by using unique additions of cosmetic tattoo layers. It is a non-invasive cosmetic approach with no pain associated with the application process.

While this might seem like a relatively contemporary technique, it has been practiced since prehistoric times. In fact, the technique is believed to have originated in Asia, and it was often referred to as feathering. This method involves drawing various unique hair strokes that have natural appearances.

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, whereby individual needles are used to apply permanent makeup. In most cases, the entire process often comprises of the use of topical anesthetics to reduce any pain and discomfort. Since micro-blading is classified a form of a tattoo, a unique pigment is deposited on the upper layers of the skin for long lasting benefits. However, the the results will fade at some point based on various factors including the ink quality.

About the Procedure

Microblading may be used to enhance or produce a unique eyebrow design, to mitigate the effects of hair gaps, to extend the eyebrows or as full eyebrow reconstruction technique. It’s important to note that each microblade stroke is applied uniquely, thereby allowing the individual to control the color, density, and shape of the eyebrows.

In most cases, it will often start with the customization of a unique eyebrow shape. The choice of color is often patient specific and combined using various types of pigment types to improve the skin and color tone. More so, there are different shades of hypoallergenic pigments that users respond to differently as well.

Some of the main factors affecting the quality of the tone after the application include the sun exposure, environmental conditions, and skin care regimes among others. Following post treatment, the eyebrows will develop a darker color than before, but fading will occur after an average of 2 weeks.

Microblading Results | How long do they last?

Before & After Photo of a client after undergoing microblading at our boutique.As a result, a second application or a touch up might be required to achieve the best results. If done by the right person, results will last for a long duration averaging in between 6-18 months, especially with the appropriate care. It is often referred to as permanent makeup due to how long the effect last. The treatment process often comprises of various procedures, following the initial application for the best results.

With all things considered, microblading is an excellent technique for improving one’s self-image and the general appearance of the eyes as well. It is a non-invasive technique and can have long lasting results provided that the pigment was well applied. This technique has been practiced for several generations in history and has nowadays evolved to become a simple yet effective solution for cosmetics.

Is it just like a tattoo?

 Unlike typical tattoos, these do not penetrate below the dermal layer. This eliminates potential permanence. IF you change your mind about the shape or arch of your brows, don’t panic! You can switch them up when they start to fade or let your brows go all natural again. The process is manual and utilizes a smaller tool that allows for fine, hair sized line to be created. The best way to simulate natural brows is by creating strokes that are realistic and follow the natural direction your brow hairs go in. The customer can choose the color of their brows and the artist can work with that to help give them an eyebrow that not only accentuates their brows and matches their hair, but complements their skin tone as well.

Preparing Your Eyebrows For Your Microblading Appointment

For best results avoid drinking electrolytes for five days prior. Do not consume alcohol within twenty-four hours before your appointment. Wait two weeks after your last microderm abrasion therapy, as well as Botox treatments. Allow yourself six weeks in between chemical and laser peels and having your eyebrows done. You will have a consultation before your appointment is scheduled. Come in with a fresh face and avoid shaping or waxing your brows before your appointment. Our technicians will shape your eyebrows the day of the appointment.

Microblading Aftercare Instructions

Our team provides a six to eight week follow up to touch up your brows. This is included in the original fee. Unfortunately, if this time slot doesn’t end up working out for you, the follow up will be an additional cost. For the first few hours, you may blot the area with a sterile gauze in case there is excess fluid. From this time up to four days you can cleanse the area with a Q-tip and an antibacterial and unscented soap. Scented soaps can strip the color similar to a regular tattoo. Use minimal water during this time and avoid saturating your brows in the shower.

Going to the beach or pool during this time is also something you should avoid for the best outcome. Do not scratch off any potential skin that is drying and flaking. The healing process needs to be natural for best results. Avoiding extreme heat or exercise to avoid sweat is also important. Avoid working out fourteen days after having your eyebrows microbladed.

Skin Care Changes

Before having micro bladed eyebrows, most people are not concerned with cleaning their entire face but after this procedure it is best to do so. Keeping skin care products out of your eyebrows is a must if you want to lengthen the stay of your perfect brows. If you are having a chemical peel or facial, let the professional know prior to the procedure.

Our Policy

– A 30 minute consultation is required prior the time of your appointment. The cost is $25 which will be applied to the final total.  Your fee includes the 6-8 wk touch up. Scheduled appointments for the touch up require 48 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling.

The touch up visit is included in the price only when performed within 8 weeks of the initial session. Past 8 weeks or if appointments are missed an additional charge will be incurred.

– A $50 deposit is required to schedule your appointment, which is applied to your final total. This is non-refundable because we are setting aside a 3-hour time slot especially for you. If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason you may keep your $50 deposit and choose a new date (if we are given 2 weeks notice). If we do not have 2 weeks notice, we will unfortunately need to collect another $50 deposit to reschedule.

Before & After Photos of Eyebrow Microblading Our Clients