Why Choose LeFace Boutique for Eyelash Extensions

We Have Over 10 Years of Experience

Eyelash extensions come in many weights and curvatures so the surface area bonds to your natural lash. This is to keep a smooth fusion so the extensions do not become loose and snag. Your professional is to choose the curvature that best fits your own eye shape.

We’re Certified

Technicians should be licensed and also trained by a lash company. Some reputable national and global companies include Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli, Nova Lash, Sugar Lash and Borboleta Beauty. These companies extensively train licensed artists teaching them how to apply extensions in a safe manner.

Artists also learn the proper weight to choose by judging the strength of the clients natural lash. Not every natural lash can bear the same weight; some clients need to try different lash variations for the perfect weight and fit. Artists who are not trained usually do not understand the length to weight ratio. If they are doubled in length to your natural size, this will surely cause the lash to shed prematurely. Isolation is the number one way to have healthy extensions. Untrained artists may not have been trained that each hair must be isolated. Untrained artists have been known to glue the extension to multiple natural lashes. This is the all to common mistake in lash application.

When natural lashes are glued together they inevitably pull each other out resulting in a clump missing and a bald spot in your lash bed. Natural lashes grow and shed at different rates just like other hair. all lashes must be separated after your service to ensure there is no clumping. Do not worry; there are ways to tell if something went wrong during application. If your lashes are not isolated they will turn and twist giving you a messy twisted bed of lashes.

Also, some people feel pain either when touching them or just as they grow out. This is because you are probably feeling multiple lashes slowly being pulled out of your lash bed.

Make sure your lashes are the correct size and are pain and flip free! Choose a licensed technician that puts in quality time you deserve in your service.

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